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The True Mayhem performed at The Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto on March 23, 2022. An Embrace presentation.

It was pleasing to see fans all dressed in their biker attire and looking all badass... In speaking with a few, I was introduced to a new genre. 'Black Metal'... This genre is similar to Trash and death Metal with emphasis on atmosphere. Artist appear in corpse paint and adopt pseudonyms, who knew!

I now understand why the lighting was the way it was... though, the show could have used a few subtle front lights.

Mayhem, was one of the founders of the Norwegian Black Metal Scene and were known for their notorious live performances. Opening the show was another Black/Speed Metal band from Cleveland Ohio, Midnight.

'The Phoenix Concert Theatre', Embrace, Rock, Toronto, 'The True Mayhem'Mayhem Embrace, Rock, "The Phoenix Concert Theatre", "Midnight", TorontoMidnight


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